Project Name

Pack Unpack

I was selected to create a durational public performance at Vault Artist Studios, Belfast as part of Imagine! Belfast Festival 2022, as part of a weekend of events organised by Second Collective Belfast.

On Saturday 26th March I undertook a durational performance of Pack Unpack. The performance involved the artist packing and unpacking a large suitcase full of items over a period of several hours and functioning as a social commentary on consumerism, ownership and the anxiety of increasingly chaotic lifestyles.

Often the matriarchal figure bears the responsibility of packing and organising the household’s belongings and in this way the work affords an opportunity to examine the role of women as caregivers.

This performance art event happened outside the Vault building and was intended to be encountered by passers-bys as well those who intentionally attended.

Performance time: 2pm (3 hrs in length)

Location: Vault Artist Studios, 4-84 Tower St, Belfast BT5 4FH

This event is not ticketed, just pop by.

Photos of the performance courtesy of Kristi Campbell of Campbell Photography

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