Clare Haven Services Mural

 In July 2021 I painted a mural for the outside area of Clare Haven Refuge, an Ennis refuge for domestic abuse victims.


I worked with a team of kids who are service users of Clare Haven Services and whom were on a summer camp for a week at the refuge. The kids, aged between 8 and 13, helped me paint the mural. It was a seriously hot week and we literally applied sunscreen and pain in equal measures.


The goal was to come up with a design to span the concrete wall that borders the back of the outdoor area. This houses a play area for children, a garden space and an area for adults to also sit outside. So the mural had to work on a multiple of levels. The request from Clare Haven was a design with bright colours and if possible to include messages of positivity, and also to visually counter balance the presence of a large building situated directly behind and above the refuge wall.


I worked on a visual plan with Deirdre the Outreach Children’s team coordinator, and between us we conceptualised a design for the wall. Over the space of 5 days we got the mural drafted out and painted. The words inside the bubbles are the children’s own idea- they sat down and came up with a list of words encapsulating what the refuge services mean to them.