Ode To Sisyphus- Tyre Flip. 

A 15 minute durational performance made in Ennis, Co Clare, February 2019

The performance concept was inspired by Sisyphus, who was compelled to spend eternity in Hades, pushing a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down again so he would have to push it up again, and again, and again. Instead of a boulder I used a 100kg tyre, and kept repeating the action of flipping the tyre up the hill to the top, then rolling it back down and repeating this process until I had to stop to rest, at which point the performance ended. "It's about the comfort you can feel through repetitive action, and how we can spend a lot of our time each day performing 'useless' actions over and over again".

Ode to Sisyphus-Tyre Flip was screened for Culture Night 2019 at glór, Ennis.