Land Lines Trilogy: 3 durational performance works

3 durational, site specific performance works for summer 2022

A trio of three durational, site specific, performance art works, in 3 outdoor locations in County Clare planned for June - September 2022. These works are a development of my performative practice, further exploring endurance based actions and the land. This body of work has been funded by The Arts Council Agility Award. 

The artistic intention of this body of work:

To explore further the relationship of the body with the action and with the site. To experience the actions of walking, crawling, moving across and through these different sites. How it will feel to complete the tasks- during and after- physical and mental. Whether a state of flow will be achieved. Highlighting the earth as we inhabit it now, as an act of documentation, and our relative insignificance but similarly the continuing desecration our human presence metes out on our environment. These works are a progression of sorts from a previous body of work; I Need To Be Ready.

The three works are in development and are currently titled

1: Crop Circle Crawl

2: Tide Map

3: Mountain Pilgrimage

Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 21.52.21.png

Work 1: Tide Map

This is a durational performance lasting approximately 6 hours. 

Image above is from an exploratory test work, made on 30th June, at the Flaggy Shore, Co Clare


This will be a time based work, based around the shifting tide. By walking along at the edge of the water as the tide comes in, over and back along the full length of the beach, the tide is mapped. This action is carried out for as long as possible, staying at the edge of the water, ideally for the 6/7 hours of the incoming tide until the tide is fully ‘in’. The artist accompanies the sea as it travels in on its journey. The performance will be documented and possibly live-streamed. Audience have been invited to observe and participate by walking alongside the artist. 

Importance of the site:

The Flaggy shore beach is a relatively small, contained beach, and quite a negotiable space to travel along, jelly fish and rocks allowing. The shifting tide line is visible as it travels up the beach. The full tide is very apparent as the water reaches the back wall of the beach. There is a back wall and above this, a parking area. This is where filming and documentation will occur.

The performative action: 

The goal is to complete 6 hours of performance, accompanying the tide over the 6/7 hours as it changes from low to high tide.

To consider: Energy never dies, it’s just shifted into another form. There are multiple elements in motion in the work: the earth is turning, causing the tidal shift of the ocean. The water is moving up and down the beach The artist is moving up and down in line with the tide. All are cogs in a larger mechanism.

The performance is:

An act of attendance,

An act of witnessing.

An act of accompaniment.

An act of endurance.

An act of observation.

6_Rachel Field_220531_HR.jpg

Work 2: Crop Circle Crawl

This is a durational performance lasting approximately 90 mins 

Image above is from an action made on 31st May, in Doora, Co Clare

Description: A time based work consisting of the artist crawling along in a pattern of ever increasing circles in a field of green grass. The crawling has a mark making effect in the long grass as it is flattened temporarily from being crawled over. 

Importance of the site: The field where the work was made is located in Doora, Co Clare, 10 minutes outside Ennis. This work was seasonally dependent as June is typically when the grass, which has been allowed to grow long, is harvested to make hay bales and silage. Hay cutting is also weather dependent for obvious reasons. I returned to the site the next day and the grass which had been flattened through the crawling movement had mostly sprung up again. So the mark making was ephemeral . 

The performative action: I used crawling here so as to slow the movement down and so as to experience being close to the ground. The action becomes about the mark making effect, as ones ability to see is blinkered by the close to the ground positioning and by the tall grass surrounding. Through using crawling I saw spiders, bugs, flies, different grass and flowers. I felt every lump and bump and uneven area. As discussed before the motion of crawling is also democratic to the body, extending (if performed carefully) equal gravitational weight bearing pressure throughout the hands and knees. It also requires the the R and L side of the brain to work together to coordinate the movement. 

The performance is:

An act of attendance.

An act of exploration.

An act of mark making.

An act of endurance.

An act of observation.

Work 3: Mountain Pilgrimage

To be updated