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Eggs & Butter 

glór, Ennis. Co Clare Nov 05 2021 - Jan 08 2022

In March 2021 glór brought together three formidable visual artists from Clare, Dublin, and Belfast to produce a project all about women’s strength.

The project’s title, Eggs & Butter, references ‘Eggs and Butter money’, a popular means of financial independence for women in rural areas until the mid-20th century. The women would stash this money away for an emergency, giving them financial power to equals their responsibilities. The artists Emma Brennan, Emily Waszak and myself contributed to the show. My work took the form of concept-led observational drawings that dealt with questions of women’s strength in the context of contemporary everyday life in Clare, with a focus on women who live in rural areas. The show was opened with a live performance by Emma Brennan and myself, entitled 'Chop/Chew' See below for images of drawings made for the show and of the opening performance.

Image Credits Moran Been-Noon, Eamon Ward